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Yesterday and Tomorrow

There are moments when I become consumed in the details of the tomorrows yet to come. Then, I switch gears in my head, and remember the yesterdays of the past. I close my eyes and remember an early morning walk. Sweet Z and I were walking in the cool sand and waking up, along with the sun, on this beautiful, warm morning in South Carolina.

June 2012

Or this morning when we bounded out of the house looking for red, ripe, strawberries nestled in the quiet fields of Vermont.

July 2012

And then before I know it I am hurtled forward again. No stopping, just pass go. Keep moving, do not stop. Around and around I go again. I walk past my calendar hanging on the wall near the kitchen and realize it is time to flip to a new month…wait, make that 2 months…

December, already?

Ok…so the photo above was taken a year ago. There is not THAT much snow on the ground outside my house…yet. What to do when the snow starts to fly and you cannot find the pause button on life? I make cookies…and I add in bourbon, browned butter and spices. It is the right thing to do and the right time to do it. Let’s go!

This recipe came from Cassie at Bake Your Day. She knows the way to my heart. Browning butter? Ohhhh….twist my arm.

Adding in bourbon and three different sugars? Just say yes…trust me, here.

The dough reminds me of the sands of yesterday. A little crumbly, a little fragile. But it bakes up to be one beautiful cookie.

When I find myself looking forward at all of the tomorrows I need to remember all of the yesterdays which brought me here. Most of all I need to remember the moments of each day. I am having a hard time really feeling connected to those here and now moments. So I will be taking a little retreat soon to sort it all out. I think packing this will help…

I am thinking of the tomorrows…and a few days of quiet, stillness, and mindfulness which have been difficult to find recently. Days which will connect me, once again, to the here and to the now. Stay tuned…

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend!



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