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Words are hard to find this morning. There are no more left. I feel as though I have spoken them all yesterday. Before that I was speaking on themes and variations of the yesterday words over a long period of time. I have been looking at the tomorrows and wondering what is next. I had a clear idea on how my tomorrows would play out.

Beauty All Around

Those tomorrows may be changing. I listened as words were spoken, not quite believing the words I was hearing. These words were thrown at me from left field. I took a few steps back, took many deep breaths and am heading down a different road. Next stop, Acceptance Avenue, please. So what does one do when you have to find a new route and don’t quite know where to start? I think chocolate could help. Chocolate mixed with creamy milk. Hot chocolate will surely set things round right. My latest assignment from my Sundays with Joy baking group could not have come at a better time. Many thanks to Joy the Baker’s cookbook…she has the perfect recipe for every situation. Chocolate chips are melted, milk is heated. Things like instant espresso powder and a little salt were added into the mix.


Go ahead and add a splash of bourbon, I will not judge.  It is a rich and luxurious drink. After one sip my shoulders start to relax and my worries start to melt just as the chocolate did moments before. The dark chocolate is smooth…reminding me that the roads to tomorrow will not always be so difficult to navigate. The dollop of marshmallow creme reminds me of the yesterdays of childhood. The endless summer fun with my CincyBff…playing games and laughing in the backyard all morning, barely pausing long enough to eat fluffernutter sandwiches on a picnic blanket beneath the warm sun of a perfect summer day in New Hampshire.

Afterthought: Chocolate sprinkles? Not needed.
Afterthought: Chocolate sprinkles? Not needed.

In almost one week I will be taking a little trip. A trip where country roads will lead me to a quiet place near the water. A place that will embrace me for me, and will let me land softly, a time to be quiet, and reflect on this thing called life. The kitchen in my place is beyond beautiful and my menu for my holidaycation is shaping up nicely. I am ready for a recharge. Recharge for me, and a recharge for this blog of mine. It is time to feel connected again. Until then one week of teaching remains, a lot of cookies to make, and two holiday gigs. Don’t worry friends, I totally have got this. Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for some cookie madness!!!

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  1. Never get tire reading your blog…thanks so much for keeping me connected to a place( VT/New England) that I miss so dearly particularly when work keeps so far away this time of year.


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