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There are times in life where you just need to hit the pause button on life. How many times have you heard, “If only there were only more hours in a day?!” I know I was saying that phrase last week! With a few clicks of a mouse I found the perfect pause button. I knew what I needed – some peace, quiet and a place that would just let me be. But does this place exist?


I packed up some styling props, my camera and lenses, a jar of homemade granola and cocoa roasted¬†nuts, some wine, my computer…you know…totally normal when one embarks on a ‘I-just-need-two-seconds-to-think’ trip. I arrived, took stock of things and headed into town for a few extra supplies. Main St. was all decked out and people were wishing me a Merry Christmas left and right. I felt like I was in a Hallmark Movie (which I watched my fair share of over the past 48 hours by the way). Then I hunkered down and just meandered through the days. There were snacks and drinks…aka happy hour…


There was a little tree to remind me of the festivus and a warm fire (once I figured out the fancy wood stove setup) There were ‘simple’ meals that I took great care in preparing…seared scallops with a bourbon glaze, roasted brussel sprouts, mussels, steak, tarragon fries, kale salad with avocado, dried cherries and coconut flakes. I would sometimes stop to wonder why I was preparing such an elaborate feast for one…after all it was just me. Then I reminded myself that cooking for one is not always about canned soup and tortillas. To really take care of yourself you need to feed yourself…and while some may prefer canned soup…I really prefer simple and fresh food. On a typical night I would not dine on mussels or steak..nor would I drink champagne. But sometimes we need to remind ourselves that we are worth a little splurge now and again. And who would refuse to cook in this kitchen?! Christmas morning found me well rested and making a single pancake. (Thanks to Joy the Baker for figuring out the perfect Single Lady Pancake!) And, yes, I totally packed real maple syrup from home.

Dried cherries, dark chocolate and coconut

I am reminded that my own two hands can craft together meals just for me. I remind myself that there are times when you need a getaway (and, more importantly, it is ok to get away). For the first time in a week I actually had an real appetite again. I made food that would be nourishing and healing. I took some uninterrupted time to think and did so in this beautiful home that welcomed me. ¬†A home that wrapped its huge glass walls around me, while just outside those walls the tall trees were swaying to their own choreographed winter dance, and gave me a great big hug. This was the perfect gift. Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more treats from the kitchen this week! Rumor has it a big storm is coming…perfect for some kitchen and photography time!

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  1. Sounds like a perfect way to spend Christmas. I’ve spent the last two on yachts in islands but nothing beats the holidays in New England!

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