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Gifty Giving

Hello Winter!

I hope you are settling into the new year with a bounce in your step and a smile on your face. Old man winter has arrived…and has brought temperatures below zero. On cold winter mornings I have been turning to a new cereal…

Maple, Cherry & Ginger Granola

It has changed my morning. I gifted this granola to friends for the holidays. It was a difficult one to gift because I could not stop testing it! Maple cinnamon did a little dance with some granola and mingled with some cherries and candied ginger along the way. What am I trying to say…the inspiration?

The Smitten Kitchen, Deb Perelman

I had a wish for the people receiving this. I wanted to bring them warmth and comfort. I wanted them to be happily enjoying this on a frosty winter morning. The Smitten Kitchen cookbook is where you will find this gem of a recipe. This book is such a treat to read and I was glued to every page.  Friends, go on out and treat yourself to a new cookbook this new year. You deserve it!



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