The Everyday

The Everyday: Week 1

This is a little project I have been pondering and it is time to put it into action! Once a week I will post a new series of photos on The Everyday page. A little look into more of my life through the camera lens capturing some daily moments. Here we go…2013 The Everyday, Week 1:

Perfect Union? or Reunion?

There was a homecoming this week.  A few fences were in need of some mending.

Perfect Union? or Reunion?


Welcoming in 2013. Thank you sunshine!

Sunlight on New Year’s Day

 There were beautiful pinecones on this wreath…

Christmas 2012
Pinecone Thief

Can someone please explain ‘funky gumbo rock’? I did not learn about this in college…

Real Life.


After a few days with below zero temperatures it suddenly felt warm.


Elliot, Rose, da Costa. This album is my first album of 2013. Gorgeous, fun and reflective. Get your is free until January 8th!

I have been thinking about the word essence.  What do you think would happen if we all focused on the essence of ourselves? How would we get there? What would you find?

Discuss! Looking forward to The Everyday: Week 2!!!

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