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Lovely Lemon Bars

Early Morning Light

I navigated around the dark country roads as the cold, quiet new light of morning was just beginning to shine. Such a soft glow. As each mile passed my journey was nearing to an end. I wanted to forgo my real responsibilities of the day and just keep driving towards the swirling, pink light. Yet, the white light of day started creeping closer and soon that magical glowing light of morning was lost. A bright day was ahead. 

I reminded myself over the next few days that it is important for a break. A time to step back, take a look all around – especially up, and move forward again. But here is the catch. Slow down.


I slowed down.  There was no computer to distract me for hours. (just an iPhone to remind myself I was in the 21st Century) Great food was shared – toasts were given – laughs for days – and time. Time to tackle a new recipe.

The catch? I gave myself hours upon hours to make this recipe whether it was required or not. To style food, to practice my photography skills, to be creative, to actually think things through and not rush. It felt decadent.


The result was this lavender lemon bar you see here. A simple butter shortbread crust with beautiful lavender sprinkled in.

Best pressed into a pan inherited from your grandmother

Adding some lemon zest and fresh lemon juice to the gorgeous pale yellow color that whisking eggs and sugar provides.


The first shortbread crust layer has baked in about 20 minutes in my oven. I pulled it out and topped the crust with this lemon egg mixture. Back in the oven for 25-30 minutes it went.


The buttery lavender crust is so subtly mingling with the lemon zested filling above…such a flirt. The zesty (and not overly sweet) lemon filling reminds me of my grandmother. She was the woman behind her famous mile high lemon meringue pie served at Howard’s Restaurant…the big red restaurant on the corner of Main Street in a little town up in northern New Hampshire. It was so familiar and instantly comforting. The little lavender and powdered sugar topping? Just perfect – so delicate and so complimentary. Please, promise me you will make these soon?

I am so grateful to be baking through this beautiful cookbook with my Sundays of Joy baking group! Thank you for reading and have a wonderful week!


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