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The Perfect Winter Cookie


Maple-White-Chocolate-Cherry-CookiesWhat happens when you combine simple ingredients…oats, dried cherries, a dash of maple syrup? Oh…no words, friends. White chocolate too, you ask? Of course….let’s go!

  This is just everything in the whole wide world that is right, bright and beautiful. This recipe comes from Joy the Baker. You will not be able to stop at just one cookie. Please, mark my words. One change I made from the original recipe? The amount of maple syrup (I used half the amount called for)…and I shall tell you why. Making pure maple syrup is hard work. This is a liquid that is sent from the heavens…or maple trees as is the real case. I spent those warmer winter days helping my grandfather gather sap. Then we boiled it down…for hours. So many beautiful weekend days were spent back and forth from the house to the the ‘Sugar House’, at my grandparents, sampling warm syrup from little paper cups and getting warm by the wood fire. Surely, I am only remembering the good parts? After all, sap lines were usually in need of repair – depending on the ice storms that winter.


The other change I would make the next time I make these? I would buy high quality white chocolate. The company I used shall remain nameless. Please, just splurge a little on your white chocolate, ok? Head on over to Joy the Baker to get the recipe! It is the perfect winter cookie recipe!

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