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Everything was off to a great start…a few great hair days, pushing through the days, work, work, working. I picked up a few new ideas while attending a recent music festival. Naturally, this week found me standing on chairs during my rehearsals to further demonstrate to my students when playing a musical instrument, the importance of sitting up straight with your feet flat on the floor. Many, many thanks Mr. A! (P.S- I  totally gave you all the credit – but my students who were at the festival thought I ‘stole’ this move. They were so mad…and I do not even have to describe that ‘middle school look’ to you. You totally know that look that involves eye rolling? I gently reminded them that sharing is caring. It’s ‘all good’ they chimed. I am drawing the line at that tap dancing number though…) Things were going so well. I was not the least bit phased when I found myself with an array of spices, freshly squeezed lime juice and…

tequila. This turned out to be a very humorous attempt at a gluten free turkey tequila lime taco. I say humorous for the following reasons: there was just enough tequila left for this recipe, I forgot to add in the tomato paste within the sequence of events and, finally, some days you just lose in the game of dinner successes. The spices pictured above are cocoa powder, coriander, oregano, celery salt, thyme, cinnamon and pepper. There I was in the fading light of day browning turkey meat with the spices. The lime juice, water and a splash of tequila was added and simmered until reduced by a third. It tasted pretty good…but presentation? So pale. But I carried on, undeterred. I was chasing daylight and had to start capturing this dish. I took the last remaining photos as the dimly lit sky finally tipped towards darkness.

Tequila Lime Tacos

I sat back for a moment. I was proud I had played this game of beat the clock. I started to shut my recipe book and that is when I realized the forgotten item. Tomato paste. I  forgot to add the tomato paste! I reheated the whole mixture, added in some tomato paste, more lime juice, and a splash of water and hoped I could save the dish. The flavor results? It was gently spiced…but not pleasingly or pleasantly so. It was a little spice teaser. And that teaser will have me back in the kitchen trying to find a more balanced blend of spices. The final photo was shot in the bright light of my kitchen. I have no clue when it comes to making ‘night’ food photos to look ‘real.’ I am sure there is the right setting somewhere on this camera of mine (please, any tips? comment below!). Make sense? Probably not. Anyhow…I did not want to share this picture below…

Tequila Lime Tacos

But I knew I had to share it with you. After all, sharing is caring, right?

Once I have a solid rockstar version of this tequila lime turkey taco recipe I will be sharing it below! Thanks for reading!


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