The Everyday

The Everyday: Week 6

EVERYDAYWEEK6Another week. Lets go!

Working on Saturday = Breakfast on the Road.

6 hours and 55 minutes

No more festival music mailings from me…term over.

Saturday night fun with friends.

Missed appointment = More gray hair. Shine On.


I put tequila in turkey tacos. It is gluten free. It is also a work in progress.

What, a little storm is coming?

Ok, I will make some pizza. Thanks to this no knead pizza dough recipe and an amazing new sausage discovery.

Wait…better pair it with this new find! It was a great week for new discoveries!

A little trombone humor...
A little trombone humor…

A little road trip to eat the best California Reuben Sandwich ever…

Now, I must go find the shovel, power up the snow blower and get to work! Thank you for reading!



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