The Everyday

The Everyday: Week 7

The Everyday: Week 7

I had a brilliant idea: leftover buttercream frosting paired with Cointreau was going to create something decadent. I had visions of cocoa dusted truffles, dark chocolate maple glazed truffles with a little sea salt sprinkled on top, cayenne dusted truffles. It was going to be a show stopper of a gift, friends. If only it had worked.

Instead spiced chocolate cherry black bean cookies were made. Recipe coming soon!

Dark skies and sunlit trees. Such conflict and yet so beautiful.

Happy dog.

 I made a valentine gift, for my Valentine. It was over-the-top with puns. The puns created a poem. Fact.

We created this meal together. Teamwork.

Halibut & Eggplant Miso Gratin

I remembered to look around this week for it keeps me grounded.

I bought some tulips and saved one for me. Fresh flowers give my soul a boost during the dark days of winter.

Thank you for reading, friends! Have a great weekend! New posts coming soon!!

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