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The Everyday: Week 10

The Everyday: Week 10

Mud Season

Mud Season is upon us. Translation: Sap is running, maple syrup production is in full swing, and best of all? The SUN is shining!

Crazy Work

Things at work this week were utterly confusing and downright difficult. Seeking the light.

Snowy Sunset 2

But, there were some celebrations to be had.

Mr Bean

Fact: There are TWO packages of cough drops near this clarinet. I shuddered my way through 2 hours of rehearsal.

Snowy Sunset

One day I shall see green grass again. For now, I will seek out sunsets amidst the snow.

Blueberry Muffins

Sunday morning muffins…lets celebrate!

The last everyday for this week is a little story. I was at my local grocery Friday night at the perfect time – post dinner rush. I meandered through the store, stopping here and there, gathering a few staples for dinner. The woman manning the cheese counter and I had a short conversation, grateful and relieved that Friday was finally here. We wished each other a nice weekend as I made my way toward the checkout counter.

The automatic doors opened onto the dark evening and I was immediately embraced. By music. A full orchestral piece was playing…and I was looking for the orchestra. I was momentarily confused but then I saw the source. A man was sitting in a car close to the entrance door. He was as calm as could be sitting inside his car listening to the soaring melodies of the violins, followed by loud, triumphant brass answers. This man looked to be so content with life.  I smiled, and with this gorgeous music following me, I made my way across the parking lot. I loaded the groceries in the car then took just a few more moments to simply listen. It pays to shop on a Friday night.

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