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The weather took a turn recently. It was a warm and a balmy 45* out. I wanted to celebrate the warmer temperatures. I wanted something that would remind me of a tropical vacation. Mango, coconut, and pineapple fit this bill. Adding in some chocolate sauce spiked with a little Cointreau? Oh, please…lets just throw our up hands up and yell welcome spring from the rooftops.

I was excited to tackle the latest recipe from Joy the Baker, Dutch Baby Pancakes, with my Sundays with Joy baking group. I gathered the ingredients for the dutch baby.


Whole wheat flour, sugar (I used a combination of regular and white sugar), an egg, toasted coconut and cinnamon. My grand idea was to make the original recipe…but halve it. I thought it would be cute to make these in individual tart pans. Oh, I was really onto something.


The tart pans were hot, all buttered up and ready to accept this filling. I slid the pans into the hot oven while carrying on my phone conversation with my Cincy Bff. (Yes, it was completely necessary to multitask. We were making great plans for our reunion this spring!) Eventually we said our goodbyes and on with my dutch baby¬†tartlets¬†I went. I thought I was so smooth. I felt on top of the world. Patty Griffin was singing, “Oh Heavenly Day,” in my head and outside the sun was shining. I briefly wondered if anyone else in the Sundays with Joy group had thought about this.


And that is when I was knocked on the head and brought back to reality. My grand idea…all dressed up…


resembled nothing like Joy’s photo. In fact, it did not resemble a single photo of any of the dutch babies that I had seen since starting to research this project. There was no puffing up or darkened edges. So, what did I do? I patted myself on the back for a good try. I accepted, and wholeheartedly admitted, the fact that I am not perfect. I was telling Sweet Z of my foiled attempt of this treat he reminded me of a quote by Samuel Beckett.

“Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”

I will try this again (as written) and I will share it with you. We can all use a helping hand from one another now and again …to celebrate both our successes and our less-than-perfect moments.


Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week!!!



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