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Caramelized Mushroom, Carrot, Squash Pot Pie with Chive Biscuits

There are days when I seek comfort. This feeling of comfort is definitely needed in March. Or for days when the temperature is 50* one day, or 25* and snowing the next. Yes, welcome to New England. On these days I search recipes far and wide to find the one recipe that will help push me, once and for all, into spring. I turned to root vegetables for the reminder of fall/winter seasons and peas and chives for the reminder of the upcoming spring season. Be prepared for this recipe will launch you into the next season.

Truth be told I was hiding from all of the green milkshakes, dyed green cupcakes, corned beef, cabbage and green beer. I set out instead to find a comforting pot pie recipe. Something easy to put together, hearty, comforting and the perfect meal for a Saturday night after a day filled with all things work. The most difficult part of this recipe from Joy the Baker is chopping. Really, is chopping so difficult? No, carry on!


The sun was streaming through my kitchen windows as I set out to clean and chop up a pound of mushrooms. I diced an onion, cut up some butternut squash and coined some carrots. It helped to quiet my mind after a busy week. I started in on caramelizing the mushrooms.


Mushrooms are important. Do not let them intimidate you…stand up for yourself.

Sweet potatoes were called for in the original recipe but I used butternut squash instead. Fresh thyme and rosemary were added into the mixture of mushrooms, carrots, onion, garlic and squash.


 A bit of flour gets added and everything is suddenly doing the mambo – albeit a very awkward mambo dance. Some vegetable stock enters the picture when things get a little carried away and restores the calm. A nice thickened sauce emerges as a splash of worcestershire sauce, balsamic vinegar and peas are carefully stirred in.


Just like that the mushroom filling comes together.

Next up were the biscuits. If you just shuddered at the very thought of making your own biscuits…please, do not be afraid. I have made biscuits a total of maybe, oh, 5 times.My rule of thumb: use care when tackling the dough. Be careful to not over mix, careful to not over knead. My advice to you is to take a chance and make these biscuits. I did not have enough chive and was too much of a wimp with grating enough fresh cracked pepper into the mix…but this was my own doing. Lesson learned. The other lesson? I am going to start making biscuits as if it is my job. Chive or pepper issues withstanding these biscuits made me swoon. Can biscuits have magical powers? Maybe!

When you are in need of a recipe that will help you through all the crazy things life throws your way this is the perfect recipe. Need a party dish? Make this and I guarantee you will not have any leftovers. It will wrap you up and leave you feeling as comforted as if you were in your most favorite sweater. This will feed your soul filling you with warmth from the inside and radiate outward.


Thank you for reading!



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