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The Everyday: Week 12

The last of the sun is streaming in the window. As I am typing this post (or at least the first few lines of this post before duties called me away) a live band of over 100 incredibly talented high school students are rehearsing just a few steps away. If you were here this beautiful music surely would wash over you and take away all your troubles.

This week found me conducting a 120 piece band of my own. It filled me with pride and I thought my heart would burst with happiness. Is this possible?

In 21 days my Cincybff and I will be reunited…SO excited!

She sent me these homemade hot sour garlic pickles. I have one spear left which I am saving..for what? Get on with a snack, self! I must get this recipe!


Did you know about this adventure in my kitchen this week?

Caramelized Mushroom, Roasted Vegetable Pie with Chive Buttermilk Biscuits

 Saturday night work sessions are best followed by comforting dinners AND delicious cupcakes!!


The calendar says it is spring…but…

On my way to work.

I have not forgotten about spring. Spring cocktail testing is a work in progress.

Happy Spring! Thank you for reading!!!

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