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Carrot Cake Pancakes


Who would ever think to put carrots in pancakes?! Joy the Baker did in her cookbook, this is who! The Sundays with Joy Baking Group tackled all things carrot cake this week. Joy the Baker created this recipe and I must say it was a fabulous idea. If you like carrot cake and like pancakes I say this is a win-win! Lets go!


My alterations from the original recipe were very few. I started by halving the recipe since 1)  there were only two of us and 2) I only had one carrot in the house. It worked out perfectly and made 4 – 6 decent sized pancakes. A buttermilk batter was thrown together with a flax ‘egg’ as a binder vs. a real egg (which would have been half an egg). The spices were all of what you want in a carrot cake: cinnamon, freshly grated nutmeg, ginger, walnuts, and raisins. The batter was perfect!




And what to top it with? Joy created a cream cheese spread. I was too impatient to make the cream cheese spread though I already had the ingredients. Perhaps that is just me being lazy? So I topped my carrot pancakes with a drizzle of some leftover chocolate buttercream frosting that I thinned slightly with a bit of Cointreau orange liqueur AND a tiny bit of real maple syrup. I am just crazy like that.


If you are tired of your usual blueberry pancakes every week switch it up. What a great way to sneak in some nutritious vegetables into your breakfast (think your kids will figure it out?)! It was light, beautifully spiced, the finely grated carrots gave a great texture along with some plump golden raisins and a bit of crunch from some walnuts. And the golden orange color made this a fun pancake to eat. Take a chance on a new pancake recipe!! You can find the original recipe in the Joy the Baker cookbook by Joy Wilson.

Thanks for reading!

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