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The Everyday: Week 14


A full week with a few surprises…

Evening Laundry Light

Early evening light while doing laundry.


                                Behind the scenes making mushroom bourguignon

Breakfast of champions: Egg sandwich with fresh dill, melted cheese, and ketchup. Go ahead, call me silly but it was fantastic!


Cold spring mornings.


Cue Music: At the car wash…


PSA: Do not wash your car until it is all sparkly and clean. This happened. Warnings were given, speeds have been obeyed ever since. Life lesson.

A lovely lunch ready to be packed up and brought to work.

Busy week = a quick nap in the gym parking lot before a training session. Truth.

It is worth it in the end…new territories are being explored and there are adventures to be had!

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for a new Sundays with Joy Baking post…whole wheat maple goat cheese biscuits? Oh…my…..!

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