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Chill Vegan Berry Ice ‘Cream’!


When I was a kid and wanted a quick treat I would often make sugar free instant pudding from the box. You know the kind – pudding mix, add milk, whisk like mad for 5 minutes while it thickens up, pour into 4 little dishes and into the fridge they go to set up. Sometimes I have no patience for the set up time and I want a spoonful of soft set chocolate pudding with a dollop of cold, creamy cool whip now, not 30 minutes from now.

I have been putting myself in self-imposed time outs lately. My options have been to take a time out or have a major freak out. In this self imposed short time out I want to pamper myself silly Рyet there is not enough time for that manicure or  pedicure while flipping through the latest Bon Appetite.

I found a way to make a creamy, cool soft serve style frozen treat…without the cream or the need for an ice cream maker, in 5 minutes flat. Move over processed pudding in a box and hello healthier frozen treat! PS – You are welcome.

 Gather your ingredients:


For this recipe I used:

1/2 a frozen banana 1/4 cup frozen blueberries 1 heaping tablespoon of almond butter A dash of cinnamon and lavender

Put all of the ingredients in a mini food processor and mix until smooth. You may want to dive right in to the soft serve version. But, if you have some patience on your side, go ahead and stick this into the freezer to firm up for at least a half hour. The result? Creamy, dreamy goodness that will take your cares away. Thanks for reading! Have a great week!


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