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Grapefruit Souffle


When my grandmother would bring one of her famous souffles to the dinner table everyone would ohhh and ahhh. When I was young I simply attributed this to the fancy french title. I thought to my (young) self: oh, we are dining like the Parisians tonight. How fancy, my younger self thought! When I was a bit older I would watch in fascination as this famed cheese souffle was assembled. The proper dish with the high sides was brought out of the cupboard and buttered, just so. The egg whites were whipped into beautiful soft peaks and then quickly, yet gently, folded into the egg mixture.  I remember as the souffle was baking no one was allowed near the oven. Opening the oven door just spelled trouble! If you dared to attempt this move, you could be sure a ‘scowl’ and ‘the look’ would be cast your way by my grandmother. This week for Sundays with Joy we took on the grapefruit souffle recipe. This week on Not Quite Gourmet, I quickly got over my fear of souffles and tackled this like a boss. Move over cheese souffle…a sweet souffle has moved to town.


A citrus sugar is created by zesting grapefruit and mixing it into sugar. This idea is mega fancy points! The souffle has the usual ingredients: sugar, butter and egg yolks. These are all mixed up with a bit of flour.


Milk and grapefruit juice are added into the mix. The egg whites were carefully whipped into soft peaks and gently folded in. At this point, I wondered why I have never gotten an extra mixing bowl for my KitchenAid. I could have saved myself countless washes from ‘The Great Cookie’ Project of 2012.


The whole thing gets baked in a warm water bath. The result? A perfect dish to bring to a dinner party!


What about the leftovers, you ask? Oh, I had to leave those for the 4 year old who had politely asked if I could leave the rest of it at his house. Of course, I said. My inner self did a happy dance! Many, many thanks to Joy the Baker!

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