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Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

I found the butter on the top right shelf in the fridge, my usual spot for it. The bag of chocolate chips were rescued from the darkened shelf in the corner lazy susan cabinet. From the bottom cupboard, I pulled out the small glass pink hued pan from my college days. I always laugh a little at this IMG_0437 2pan and remember when it was new. One of my first pieces of kitchen equipment in my shared college apartment. Something in me has a hard time letting go of this pan – after all this pan represented a new beginning at the time. Back then possibilities seemed endless, setting goals felt like the right thing to do and reaching those goals had left me wanting more. What else could I do? I ask myself this often as I am setting new goals.

As I work my way through the latest Sundays with Joy recipe some fourteen years later, I pause now and then to look around the kitchen that I have spent so much time in over the past seven years. Soon this kitchen will become another person’s playground as I head off to discover a new kitchen in another state. Life is changing.

IMG_0384 2

As the browned butter cookies go in the oven to bake a nutty, chocolate smell permeates the air. I smile and realize no matter where my kitchen is, that these cookies are the perfect way to say welcome home.

These chocolate chip cookies are a little crispy around the edges but soft on the inside. The browned butter is key – it gives a nutty flavor that pairs beautifully with the chopped walnuts and the creamy dark chocolate chips. You can find this recipe in Joy the Baker’s cookbook or check out her version using pecans on her blog. I know the first cookie recipe that I will be making in our new home…I only hope that Sweet Z will understand my need for the butter to be on the top right shelf of the fridge.


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