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So Soon

I have felt as though I am saying the words ‘so soon’ to complete every sentence and thought lately. Boy, vacation was over so soon, I said this past week. Hmmm, that (insert any life event of your choice here) will be here so soon. For me, when things are at the point of ‘so soon’ for weeks on end it is time to give myself a bit of a break, a pause in the action. It takes the rush and anxiousness out of (insert an upcoming deadline or project here). It also puts things in perspective. The best way I know how to pause is by stepping into the kitchen for a few minutes. The following ideas will only take a few minutes of time to prepare.  Lets go!

Two different creations happened this week – one creation yielded a gin and tonic cocktail while the other creation produced a quick lunch involving caramelized onions and apples. When the summer nights are hot and muggy I think a cool gin and tonic is the way to go. But it dawned on me recently to muddle some fresh mint and a little tarragon together, add in some phenomenal mimosa flower simple syrup (huge thanks to Miss Kimmy!) and some gin to a shaker.

IMG_0496 3

I poured out the gin into a glass filled with ice, topped it off with some tonic and floated a few blueberries.  This is a the start of a new cocktail which can get me through muggy, summer nights. I will be playing around with portions as time goes on needed and will share these soon! Chances are this cocktail will be perfected in a few short weeks days.


Lately lunches have been thrown together creations that can be eaten quickly in order to get me through to the next big thing. I have been slow at getting started on the sorting and packing part of my life but this sandwich gave me a jumpstart. Onions were caramelized (a great reminder in patience) and at the end I added in some thinly sliced apples to the pan to become slightly softened along with some fresh tarragon. This creation on a roll would be fantastic on its own I believe. Adding a few slices of extra sharp cheddar cheese (Cabot cheese is my go-to) took this sandwich over the top. Caramelized onions, tart apples with a hint of tarragon? Delicious!


This sandwich is made infinitely better by a side of sweet potato fries and garlic pickles. Now, if you will excuse me…I must get back to the duties at hand. I will be moving SO SOON! Thanks for reading, friends!


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