The Everyday

The Everyday: Week 26


┬áThis week was a busy one. A little drive was taken…only about 1,400 miles or so.

IMG_0481 2

This chair, among other things, was driven from Georgia to Massachusetts.

IMG_0474 2

This is just the beginning, friends.


A sweet, sweet sight….round 1 was done!

I spy…the Promised Land!


Tom Bodett, indeed, left the lights on in Maryland. Thanks, Tom!

IMG_0485 2

Do you know where your vidalia onions are coming from?


Celebration lunch in our new home!

IMG_0499 2

Round 2 is done. (Wait for it…there are likely 2 more rounds to be played)

IMG_0735 2

I paused at home long enough to ‘cook’. These days caramelizing onions and heating up frozen sweet potato fries ┬ácounts as cooking.


As does pretending I am a mixologist in the middle of purging and packing. This happens sometimes.

Thanks for reading, friends!

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