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Mint & Watermelon Gin & Tonic

Gin and tonic…a drink that only a few like. I started taking a fancy to gin last summer. I am proud to report that love affair continues into 2013. Today I experimented with a fancied up gin and tonic. One that involved fresh mint, a bit of watermelon and a little lemon juice.

There are no secrets really. I headed to my little herb garden, grabbed a little watermelon and a lemon wedge and muddled away. A dash of mimosa flower simple syrup was added in.

IMG_0701 2

Add in a splash of gin, a few ice cubes and shake away. Strain into a glass, top with some tonic water and hit the deck. This drink is sure to cool you off when the temperatures are hot!

Watermelon Mint Gin & Tonic



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