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The Everyday: Week 27

There is not too much to show this week…life has evolved around boxes, cleaning, and unpacking at a new home and packing at my old home. In 36 hours we worked tirelessly unpacking, cleaning, fixing, painting, as Sweet Z and I are starting to feel what ‘home’ will mean to both of us – as individuals and together. Back at my old home I have been taking meandering walks down memory lane where I have learned it is ok to let go of ¬†things. At times I feel like I am getting rid of so much! Then I look at what I am bringing to this new space, in this new place, for this next phase of life and I feel content, giddy, and full of the wonderment of it all. This week I am full of gratitude and counting my lucky stars.

IMG_0507 3

All alphabetized and shelved!

IMG_0521 3

First meal in the new home: greek salad with some falafel and corn on the side. Perfectly delicious!

Watermelon Mint Gin & Tonic

My glasses are packed…but that didn’t stop me from trying to create a minty watermelon gin and tonic!

I woke up this morning not quite ready to pack the rest of my kitchen. And so, blueberry muffins with dried cherries and toasted coconut were created!

IMG_0537 3

Thanks for reading, friends! I am off to get more work done with some of the best helpers in the entire world!

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