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Anyday Quiche

Anyday Quiche

I recently discovered something new to me. Quiche. I often overlook this dish as a staple recipe. In my mind it is reserved for brunches or baby showers. I have discovered another reason to make a quiche. It is a fantastic way to clear out the fridge! Have kale? In it goes? That leftover ear of sweet corn, cut it off the cob and saute! Really, this quiche is easy…I will take you through step by step! Lets get started, shall we?

There are three main steps to this quiche business. Make the dough, get your filling ready, and bake it up! For this dough I used a new-to-me crust from Joy the Baker. It contains butter, buttermilk and an egg yolk. These particular eggs were from a local farm from happy chickens.

Buttermilk Pie Crust

Call me strange but I have a new found love for making pie crusts. I do not use a food processor (as I do not have a full size one!) or a pastry blender. I used my hands to break up the butter cubes into the dry ingredients. I worked quickly so the butter would stay cold. I added in the buttermilk and egg yolk, mixing with a fork until the crust was shaggy. I dumped the shaggy crust onto my counter, formed it into a ball, wrapped it in plastic wrap and into the fridge it went to rest. Next up was sauteing my filling ingredients. Swiss chard and some onion were up first. Followed by whatever else I had on hand: corn, ham, tomatoes, and onion as it turned out.

Quiche Filling

As the filling cooled, I rolled out the pie crust and got it all fancied up.

Pie Crust

See that marbling of butter? This is a good sign of things to come! I will tell you what was not meant to be. My egg mixture. I was feeling so footloose and fancy free that I kept on in this project, cracking my eggs and putting them into the bowl. All would have been well if the fourth egg wasn’t spoiled. Truth. I was reminded of an important lesson to always crack eggs into a separate bowl FIRST!  This story doesn’t end here.

Quiche Filling

Followed by the forgiving filling. Are you wondering what happened? No worries, I had some egg whites stored in the fridge, along with 2 eggs. The egg mixture was whisked together with bit of milk, splash of cream and salt and pepper. More cheese was sprinkled on top. I put this in the oven while hoping beyond hope that this would turn out.

Here it is 40 minutes later…the crust should have been covered by my pie shield gadget. But alas…

Anyday Quiche

It did not matter. The filling was a great mixture of the sweet corn, swiss chard and plump tomato pieces. The crust was out of this world flaky and light. Lets all make a pact to make quiche for a weeknight dinner! Who is with me? I will be working out proper measurements and getting a written recipe for you all soon!

Thanks for reading!

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