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The Everyday: Week 33

Too many weeks pass by in a blur, a maze of activity and humdrum routine. Every once in a while, you encounter a week when the days are bound seamlessly together, one floating easily into the next. Within each hour memories are made, moments are savored and life, suddenly, seems so precious. This was one of those weeks. I present to you: The Everyday: Week 33.

“A thing of beauty is a joy for ever:
Its loveliness increases; it will never
Pass into nothingness; but still will keep
A bower quiet for us, and a sleep
Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing.”
Endymion, by John Keats

I carefully packed on the day I left home, this new home of mine of three and a half weeks. There were the essential things to consider – clothes, toiletries, etc. There were the ‘big day’ things to think about – wedding dress, shoes, decorations, etc. Though I had packed everything up, it still felt as though something were missing. I cast this feeling aside, kissed Sweet Z goodbye (until we’d meet again on our wedding hilltop) and gave the cat a good scratch behind the ears. I headed north  towards my old home.

Wonderful quality time was spent in my mother’s beautiful kitchen. We worked together, the fantastic duo that she and I are, and prepared the final touches on brunch fixings, wedding decor, and other little logistics. When the ‘work’ part of the day was finally through we made dinner, poured wine, had heart to heart, honest conversations and simply relaxed. Moments I spend with her these days are so precious…we have moved from being neighbors then roommates (and neighbors again) to living in separate states.  She is in her new home and I am in mine. The days passed by as we were able to check off lists – endless lists – and soon it was time to welcome friends and family who had traveled near and far. 

The matron of honor traveled all the way from Ohio to offer us this toast (check back later for this cocktail recipe!)….

Whereas our “minister of love” traveled a few miles down the road from Bellows Falls, Vermont….

Other family members and friends hailed from Oakland, New Brunswick, Canada, Italy, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Etna and Colebrook and West Stewartstown and Derry, New Hampshire and Newbury Vermont…


What they say about the power of weddings is true, that it arises from the people assembled there to consecrate your happiness, to welcome you into the fold of nuptial coupledom.  Everyone filled our sails with winds until they bellied and bulged.  All day the dream was dreaming us, the wind was blowing, the sun was penetrating, we were in motion, we were crossing a sacred threshold, passing through an archway into some new, higher pasture of life still to be discovered, in harmony and unison, held fast by one another…

Thank you for reading this not-quite-everyday “everyday” post!  (Many thanks to CincyBff/ Shannon Pryor Barnes for her photography. Additional thanks to Apple Hill Inn for having us!).

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