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The Everyday Week 34, (with a side of cookies!)

My days have been flying by lately. I have been playing tug of war with the game of life. Life is winning – I am trying to slow things down and life just tugs me along. It is exhausting. So today I am giving myself some time to take as I sit in my beautiful backyard, the sun shining down in a brand spanking new chair. If nothing else to just savor each minute. Feels decadent, yes? Grateful, I am thinking to myself.

I have been leaving my cameras at home and tucked away this week. I captured few photos. I had many memorable experiences. I reflected on times…


I visited some new places and spaces…

(Insert picture of swimming in the Dorset Quarry here)

(Insert picture of the newly discovered rug store, Rug Crazy – we had a great time chatting with Steven and came home with some beautiful rugs !)

On an early morning walk to work I was greeted by this sight

It was a brisk walk in 45* weather…

I made this weeks recipe from Joy the Baker’s cookbook with my Sundays with Joy baking group. Chocolate Peanut Butter Ball Cookies, anyone?

This was a super duper rich cookie, my friends. Think of a fantastically rich brownie cookie with a sugary peanut butter confection on top. I may have added a tiny bit too much confectioner’s sugar – my dough consistency was fairly crumbly. I added another tablespoon of peanut butter as well. So, alas, our cookies have become cookie donuts! These cookies are equally divine and decadent. I may try to make a peanut butter filling to drizzle over the top. There is nothing better than some chocolate and peanut butter!

Thank you for reading! I am off to daydream now…have a great week!



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