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Parmesan Seaweed Popcorn

There are times in life when a girl needs popcorn. Plain popcorn is fine. Popcorn with parmesan cheese is better. Add in some seaweed flavoring is even better. Add in a side of red wine? THE BEST!!

This recipe was a part of my Sundays with Joy baking group. The recipe is from Ms. Joy the Baker and her fabulous cookbook which you can order here.

It all starts out simply enough…grab some parmesan cheese and grate it up, popcorn kernels to pop, olive oil for the heat and seaweed seasoning (found in specialty markets). The seaweed seasoning is made up of sesame seed, seaweed and other sweet and savory spices!

Parmesan Seaweed Popcorn Ingredients

The olive oil heated up and the popcorn kernels were added. I halved this recipe but only to feel less guilty of consuming 3 cups of popcorn almost entirely myself. Real.

Popcorn was popped, added to a bowl, sprinkle on some parmesan and some flavoring. Another layer of popped corn, repeat the layers. Eat, savor, sip. This is a win!

Thanks for reading! Have a fantastic week!

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