The Everyday

The Everyday: Week 37

Fall Sky

The week days fly by…and, sadly, the weekends are over in the blink of an eye. I have been searching to find ¬†balance.

I have been photographing mostly my weekend food creations lately. I hope to add in my weekday creations too…maybe when the weekdays slow down a bit?

Sunday morning breakfast. There is a way to poach eggs perfectly – I will tell you all about it soon!

Cool nights are meant for sipping a glass of wine by the firepit.

Walks in the woods help me to sort out the important things in life… it is nice to be present and centered again.

Maybe Sweet Z and I helped ourselves to a few apples while out on a hike?

What to do with all these apples?!

With Love, Apple Pie

Make a pie (duh)…with love! It seems as though every fall I find myself searching for inspiration.

Apple Pie & Coffee

Slicing a small piece of pie to shoot in the early morning light reminds me that food and photography make my heart happy. Sharing these pictures puts a smile on my face Рand I hope you like it too!  Above all, I remind myself it is ok to eat pie for breakfast every so often while taking the time to savor and cherish these little moments.

Thanks for reading friends, have a great week!

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