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Perfectly Poached Eggs & Oatmeal Toast

There are some days when the simplest of things is all I want. Some days I would love a hot breakfast without a lot of fuss. Fussy breakfast would include such things as scrambling eggs. I turned to the idea of a poached egg. I have loved poached eggs since I was a small child.

Perfectly Poached Egg

I remember being at breakfast in a hotel, and my small self being so proud to order my own breakfast, and asking the waitress for a boiled egg. Do you know that kind, I asked?  You put in water, but not hard boiled, with a runny yolk. Well, I was trying to describe a poached egg to the confused waitress. Everyone had a good laugh at that one! When I was old enough to make them I tried every method: dropping the egg from a small bowl into the simmering water, adding vinegar to the pot, stirring the water with the handle of a wooden spoon and dropping the egg in the center. Nothing seemed like just the right technique. There had to be a better way. Magically a new technique came across my radar screen. A fine mesh strainer!

I put on a pan of water to simmer and cracked an egg into the mesh strainer with a bowl beneath to catch any extra whites. I gently lowered in the strainer, egg and all, to the pan and let it cook until my desired runny yolk needs were satisfied.

But then there is the question of toast choice. I have been on a mission to become a better bread maker. And I am taking BABY steps…meaning, I still have a slight fear of baking with yeast. So, my bread machine makes the dough, and my own two hands shape and put the dough in a loaf pan for a final rise and I bake it off in the oven. I had to start somewhere….

Oatmeal BreadThankfully, my King Arthur bread flour had a fantastic oatmeal bread recipe on the bag of flour. AND, it included instructions for making the dough in your bread machine, then baking it off! PERFECT! Enter Sweet Z into the equation as my official bread taste tester and, ladies and gentlemen, WE HAVE A WINNER! I have been making a loaf a week. Should I conquer my fear of making bread without a machine?? I will need to think on this a bit.

So go forth and have a perfectly poached egg on homemade toast. It is the best breakfast for chilly fall mornings!

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