The Everyday

The Everyday: Week 39

The everyday week 39! Hikes….

We watched these beautiful hang gliders for a bit. It was a gorgeous day to make new discoveries.

Parking for the Richard Thompson concert. Breaking the law?

I was offered this ‘milkshake’ creation from an 11 year old. Of course I said yes! Milk and maple syrup? Not bad!

Colors around the house.

Are you a huge fan of pumpkin? Please, make these baked donuts!

Have you heard of Concert Window? It allowed me to watch Antje Duvekot from my living room!

Apple, Blueberry, Cranberry, Ginger Crisp? I don’t know…lets just go with it, ok? Best eaten while enjoying Breaking Bad.

That’s a wrap, friends and thanks for reading! Be ready….I have some new inspirations coming at me….life, food, photography. Lets just call the whole thing…ON!

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