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Sundays with Joy: Chocolate Fudge Brownies

Sometimes you come across a multifaceted brownie. Flavor explosions are everywhere in this brownie – from luxurious and creamy dreamy chocolate buttercream frosting to the fudgy and dense chocolate brownie that has surprise mini chips that simply satisfy all the chocolate needs one could possibly have. In short: this brownie is amazing. Thanks to Joy the Baker for sharing this recipe with us. This brownie could be a cure all for many situations.

As I was working my way through this recipe for the Sundays with Joy group, it occurred to me that the end product does not have the power to cure all. To me, it is simply the experience of getting there. Once there hearing how the recipe turned out in other kitchens in far away lands of the Sundays with Joy friends, talking about it and swapping tips or techniques. We are connected via this group, our own kitchens and lives, and sharing it on our blogs on the huge internet, that exists within this big world.

As I work my way through this recipe and others  I often have questions and wonder how other people handle the issue of melting the chocolate and butter in a ‘double boiler’ of sorts. Does anyone cheat and use the microwave? I almost went down that road but then stopped myself. I read something recently about the science behind the melting this way – and something going awry. I *had* the perfect pan for this – but apparently I donated it before my move. Whoops. The new Le Creuset which moved into my kitchen I have found to be both a beautiful and multifunctional piece. (thanks to a former student who was equally excited over all things having to do with cooking, too) Check.

Does everyone love greasing and flouring a pan as much as I? Is this strange?

Be still my heart.

Pause. Cool completely. Start on the frosting.

Cocoa…the good kind. Dutch unprocessed.

Sifting confectioners sugar is mandatory.

Oh my…

Please promise you will make this. And pinky promise to share this. Make someone smile today.

To find this recipe check out Joy the Baker’s cookbook. Have a beautiful Sunday, friends! Thanks for reading!


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2 thoughts on “Sundays with Joy: Chocolate Fudge Brownies

  1. These Look really nice !!! I also made them yesterday and will post them tomorrow 🙂 and I love your photography !!! Especially the picture with the melting chocolate on the whisk , it Made me go downstairs and take another of the leftover brownies 😉

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