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Pici Pasta

I was flying high on the cloud of creativity. I was confident of my kitchen moves. Using 4 ingredients (tomatoes, a whole onion, halved, some unsalted butter and salt) I threw together a tomato sauce. This was so simple. I could walk away knowing that the outcome would be a simple, rich tasting tomato sauce. My expectations would be met. How often can we say that statement! Once glance in the cupboard and I  was faced with a choice. Keep it simple with dried pasta or change things up?

I thought why not throw together a pasta dough in no time flat. I can do this, I reasoned with my silly self- I mean – I have done it before and this recipe for pici from the Amateur Gourmet looked even easier!

I was ready and gathered up my ingredients. The dough was no problem.

I let it rest.

I rolled the pieces out into ropes, I dusted the pasta with flour and created little nests. These nests reminded me of curled up worms. Real talk. I carefully added the nests to salted boiling water, letting them cook until al dente which is not long. I was left with this…

The sauce? Lovely? The pasta? I prefer thinner pasta I suppose. I found the flavor of the pasta to be nice but the ropes were way too thick despite my best intentions to create thin ropes of pasta. Next time? I am rolling out allll the way!

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