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Sundays with Joy – Pumpkin Bundt Cake

This week in our Sundays with Joy baking group we tackled pumpkin bundt cakes. There is something so perfectly right with a bundt cake. If things go well and nothing sticks you are left with one impressive work of art. Oh, Joy the Baker – you have done it again!

This recipe came together in no time at all. The most difficult part is greasing and flouring the bundt pan. I used oil instead of butter this time around. It worked – too well – I had a little mishap with the oil.

 The original recipe called for walnuts and more sugar. I did not add in the walnuts simply because I did not have them. I cut the sugar back to 1 1/4 cups vs. the 2 cups called for just because I was not feeling all of that sweetness.

Waiting for this cake to cool is the hardest part. Cooling number 1 happens in the pan. You cannot rush this step, friends. Trust.

Cooling number 2: carefully inverting the cake onto a platter or straight onto the cake stand. Everyone can breathe easier now. (PS- I was feeling like a rock star at this point!)

For the topping Joy suggests a cinnamon glaze with walnuts sprinkled prettily over the top. I am sure this glaze would be fantastic! I opted for a whipped cream that I spiked with bourbon, sweetened with a bit of maple syrup and a tiny bit of cinnamon sugar.

This cake was perfectly spiced and seemed to have the perfect sweetness. The whipped cream added a beautiful cool and creamy touch of fall to the top of this already fantastic cake. I took half of this cake dusted with confectioners sugar to a friends house for brunch. She served it with fresh raspberries and vanilla ice cream. Go out, grab a copy of Joy’s cookbook, and make this in your kitchen soon!

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