The Everyday

The Everyday: Week 42

Yes, we are nearly ready for winter. The wood is stacked, the fireplace has been tested and hot toddy recipes have been tested.

Did I tell you about the time I made a streamlined version of chicken cacciatore? No? This will last you the entire week if you are into  those sorts of recipes.

A beautiful work of art arrived on my doorstep recently. I immediately got to work. I grabbed a bunch of fridge things (thats right – you can see cannellini beans, cilantro and celery leaves). What can I say, except I was excited?!

It is official. Everything is official. Renaissance?

I looked to the clouds for inspiration.


I have been on a roasting kick…apples and cranberries? I will fill you in on this gem soon!

Maybe this is a better use of the food processor? Yes.

Adios, brilliant red leaves. See you next fall!

Making crispbread in the form of states? Yes.

Thanks for reading!!!

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