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Sundays with Joy – Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins

Our Sundays with Joy  recipe this week was nirvana for the chocolate lover. Three chocolates? Yes! Joy the Baker always knows just what to do.

This jewel in my kitchen….

…helped to gently melt some butter, semisweet chocolate, a bit of bittersweet chocolate (when I ran out of semisweet) and  dark chocolate bits were added in later.

Then I got to work measuring these eggs…

Why did I need to weigh the eggs, you ask? Simple. I needed 2 large eggs. Two large eggs yield  6 1/2 tablespoons of liquid and weigh about 57 grams each. I told you Joy the Baker knows her stuff! And didn’t I just buy the standard carton of half dozen eggs at the grocery? No. I bought local – selecting 6 similarly sized eggs from a flat of eggs at our local market. I was on top of the world, as I carefully tucked the carton of eggs into my reusable grocery bag and stepped out into the crisp fall day.  Back in my kitchen I pulled out my digital scale and started weighing each egg. Uh oh.

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins Batter

I tried hard to select the same sized egg…59 grams! I am not sure if it was the extra few grams of liquid in the muffin…

…or if I left them in the oven a touch too long, but I feel that I overbaked them. I sampled one fresh from the oven. The texture was great – it had a great crumble, was delicate yet held together just fine and I was launched into a chocolate fueled cleaning spree. As they cooled on a wire rack and later transferred to an airtight container, they seemed to lose that lightness and became a bit dry. I also figured out that these muffins are best served warm, OR gently reheated. Oh, happy day!

Sweet Z snagged one on his way out the door today. I found myself apologizing for overbaking these muffins with each bite he took. But then I stopped. He is not bothered. I am not either – I can always use them as a base for a different treat. After all, t is not about producing a perfect product each time but rather about learning along the way. I learned a thing or three about eggs, liquid to dry ingredient ratios, fat content and on and on.  I will make these again and cannot wait to drizzle them with white chocolate!

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