The Everyday

Catching Up: The Everydays

Lets catch up! I have taken an unexpected pause. Remember that time my finger got caught underneath a piece of firewood? Well that one little thing has really caused some issues two weeks later. Has anyone had this happen to them? Lets chat!

Roasting Cranberries

I spy cranberries at the grocery and, without fail, they end up in my cart. I get them home and wonder what to do with them…


Work-in-progress holiday cocktail!

Making new friends.

Cardinals are my favorite!

This no-knead bread was a near hit.

No Knead Bread

A few little changes and I will be sharing this project with you!

The rosemary is doing well, thanks.

Airplanes, juice and the cute coca cola bear.


The perfect carrot soup for when your partner in crime is sick with an awful cold.

Reflecting on my new marriage. These words from Seth Adam Smith are absolutely worth paying attention to.

 Thanks for reading friends! Soon I hope to be back in action!

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