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Sundays with Joy: Extra Crumb Coffee Cake

Extra Crumb Coffee Cake

“If this coffee cake were a man, I’m convinced it would be the perfect husband. It has the perfect balance of substance and sweet tenderness.” Joy Wilson, Joy the Baker Cookbook, 101 Simple and Comforting Recipes

Dear Joy, I would agree that this cake is like a perfect balance of substance and sweet tenderness. A hint of cocoa in the filling brings an unexpected twist to this classic breakfast treat. This coffee cake is a work in patience, preparation and the realization that, at the end of the process, there are many rewards.

KitchenAid Mixer

As I was reading this recipe through I realized, rather quickly, that the key to things running smoothly would be to have everything in place from the start. The three main components are the cake batter, filling ingredients, and topping ingredients. The cake batter was gorgeous and filled with all things a traditional coffee cake batter would include – eggs, sour cream and milk. My only change up here was Joy called for whole milk but I used almond milk as it was what I had on hand.

Messy Kitchen

The cake batter is spread into the pan….and I think I used a little less than half the batter. The filling gets spread on top and the remaining batter gets dolloped on, then the swirling begins. The trickiest part for me was the swirl. I rarely swirl things….and it was evident though I tried my best. Next time I will make sure the batter is a little more evenly divided.

Finished Coffee Crumb Cake

See the layers?!

 I had to adjust the crumb topping – I cut in the butter vs. stirring it in. It looked very ‘sandy’ so I tried to heat up the already added butter. It seemed to help with adding a little bit of moisture to the topping. If you are not a fan of the coffee cake crumb topping this extra crumb topping cake might not be for you. I also added some minutes to the baking time – I ended up baking mine for about 75 minutes – about 15 extra minutes than originally called for.

Christmas Coffee Cake

This cake is the perfect treat for all of your holiday needs. To find this recipe, go ahead and order Joy’s cookbook here. To join in on the fun of our Sundays with Joy baking group, click here. I hope you are all enjoying the first week of December!

2013 Tree

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