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Sundays with Joy: Single Girl Melty Chocolate Cake

Today I am reaching back, waaaaaay back, diving headfirst into my disorganized photo archives for footage of one of the best single serving cakes I have made. My search through my photo archives led to me to two conclusions. One: I used my iPhone exclusively for the blog until April of 2012 when a new Canon camera entered my life and changed the way I look at food forever. The photos from this post are pre-Canon, and they were taken in my old kitchen. Whoa. Two: I really should start to organize my photos, recipes, and other things into some type of spreadsheet because I am really starting to confuse myself! Friends, what is the best way to do this?  Enter this melty chocolate cake. This cake will take away all the cares of the world in 20 minutes…maybe 30 minutes if you make up some freshly whipped cream (spiced with a dash of cinnamon bourbon?)  The source of this little masterpiece? Joy the Baker: 101 Simple and Comforting Recipes.

Joy the Baker Cookbook

The problem with this cake is simple – I often have all of the ingredients on hand.
Single Melty Cake Ingredients 1This little gem of a cake is truly adaptable…
Melty Cake Ingredients 2The ramekin above? In one variation I dusted that ramekin with espresso powder vs. the flour that Joy originally suggests. Living on the edge…
Single Girl Melty Cake BatterOnce upon a time, I also added a splash of bourbon to this batter. Another time? A little peanut butter was added in to the mixture. It all comes down to what you are feeling at the time of making this. Trust those instincts. The cake only bakes for 7-10 minutes…just enough time to get some cream whipped up, or ice cream ready – but only, if you are in need of some extra indulgence.
Baked Single Girl Melty Chocolate CakeAfter this gem is pulled from the oven there is a two minute wait. The cake is carefully turned out onto a plate. A dollop of cream, a bit of fresh fruit and a gooey melty chocolate center is the ultimate treat for one.
Single Girl Melty Chocolate Cake
You can find the recipe for this delicious cake in Joy’s Cookbook. If you already have this cookbook,  and would like to join in on our Sundays with Joy Baking facebook group find us – we have 18 recipes left to try! Thanks for reading, friends!!

If you are in our Sundays with Joy group leave a comment, with a link to your single girl melty chocolate cake creations! Cheers, friends!

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