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The Men I Left Behind…

I left the country for Mexico last week. I fled the northeast with a suitcase in tow which contained the important things such as a bathing suit, a big floppy sun hat, flip flops, books and some sunscreen. I was seeking sunny skies and warm temperatures. This is what I uncovered and discovered…

Mexico CollageInfinity pools, sandy beaches, warmth and SUN! I set up my office (aka poolside lounge chair) everyday and got to work (aka plowed through some books). I was well taken care of by a super friendly and sweet man named Bautista each morning. He made sure to keep me hydrated and well fed as the fresh fruit plate, bucket of ice cold water and fruity blended drink as seen above show. No argument here…I was spoiled rotten. Sweet Z and I met each afternoon (he really was working each morning), soaked up the last of the sun each day then made our way to dinner. I cannot describe how delicious the food was…these pictures do not do justice.
Mexico2.jpgBefore we knew it our time was up. Coincidentally, just as a(nother) snow storm walloped the northeast. We tried to see if we could squeak out another day but the finding a plane to get us home Friday was not in the cards. I bid Bautista and the crew a fond farewell, promising to come back and visit next year, and we began our journey home.

I was ready for the snow, ice and rain. I mean, I am a northern girl, after all. We stopped in Baltimore and that is where things went a bit south. The flight was overbooked but, as the ticket counter person cheerfully told me, I was first in line on standby. Husband, meanwhile, had somehow made the cut. Hmmm, I started to scheme. Take the later flight and get a travel voucher? Let my husband go ahead and wait for me at the next airport a few hours? I had a little stash of mini reese’s peanut butter cups, a few This American Life and Joy the Baker podcasts to listen to – I would totally be fine. Then, another kind man, Frank somebody-or-other entered the picture. He gave up his seat, told his travel companion she was on her own and just like that I got on the plane! I was so grateful for Frank’s act of kindness, I thanked him profusely as I grabbed my boarding pass and bounded towards the jetway. I wanted to take a moment to get some information from him so I could ship him some cookies as a proper thank you but there was no time. I left Frank behind.

We found our way home through the cold and ice. The next morning, after the laundry was started, and some groceries were gathered, I made my way to the kitchen. I never really feel ‘home’ until I can get back to the kitchen. I started pulling out my flour containers, eggs and chocolate chips. Chocolate chip cookies. Dear Frank, These cookies are for you!
ChocoChipIngredientsInstincts took over as my hands reached for familiar ingredients, measuring cups, spoons and baking sheets. I was home.
ChocoChipCookiesFinalThese cookies were crispy on the edges and chewy on the inside. What recipe did I use? The one on the bag of the Ghirardelli dark chocolate chip bag. No secrets there. Thanks for reading, friends!

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