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Today I want to take you behind the scenes and share a little bit of my day-to-day that has not been shared thus far. Ooooh, intrigued? Ok, read on! These posts in the ‘Here and There’ series will be less about food (I hope?!) and include more bits and pieces about these body/ baby changes that are taking place for me. A place to share a little here and there.

For starters, I have found the last 16 weeks to be a huge learning process. I have been researching. A lot. There are many tests that are offered along the way, learning and experiencing how the body changes during pregnancy, what to expect, what is and is not: safe to eat, to do and on and on. One of the ways I am approaching this is that I am my own advocate. The more I research and learn, the more informed I will be, I can ask my doctor pointed questions and get answers that will help guide me through and better understand the whole process. There is a fine line between research and a dramatic approach to baby education (google anything baby related) which is very easy to cross. I realize when I feel my body reacting to the dramatic educational approach – becoming tight and tense with worry or concern – that I need to step back. To really step back and look at the bigger picture. I remind myself that, ultimately, I am in charge here. I let common sense and moderation be my guide. I remind myself to keep it simple.

I have been trying to keep things healthy around here..for the sake of my body and this growing baby inside. Heck, it is hard. It was (and still is at times) to really embrace these new-to-me changes. There are many days when I really feel great then look in the mirror where the changing body is staring back at me. It feels so strange to be growing and expanding in a different (sort of uncontrollable) way. If we could go from not looking pregnant to having that cute little baby bump all perfectly shaped that would be great. Real life says, not a chance! You have to go through the awkward ‘teen years’ stage all over again – complete with a return of acne, weird hormones and gaining weight which does not automatically go straight to your growing stomach. I will not go into too many details but, really, everything is growing, gaining and shifting. Ultimately, I am learning to embrace these changes as a continual learning experience for me now just as it was back when I was growing up. I remind myself to enjoy this the heck out of this journey…in moderation. Speaking of moderation…

the food. I am finding it hard for someone who loves food to really reign in my restraint and willpower now that I am feeling a-ok. Can I have some more fluff on that graham cracker snack? Oh, a chocolate brownie (at least it is made with black beans and can be considered health(ier)? Chocolate chip bars?
Spring BunnyWhen we first found out I was ‘in the family way’ (as Sweet Z says) I listened to my body and what it wanted. It turns out I was in want of childhood foods – homemade macaroni and cheese, baked beans (but I drew the line at having a red hot dog alongside and opted for the veggie dog), graham crackers, fluffernutters and on and on. Think I love carbs? I still want to make a rocking american chop suey just like my aunt did when I was a kid, however. Hmmm…clearly, it was time to find some balance.
SaladThankfully, salads started to appeal to me once again.
Toasted Oat SmoothieToasted oat smoothie with blueberry, bananas and almond milk? Yes – a good for me snack! Thanks Joy the Baker. You can find the recipe in her cookbook.
Almond butter and jelly sandwichBarney Butter smooth and creamy almond butter and jelly sandwich. I drive MANY miles to get this almond butter. I have been obsessed with this for years. My obsession is progressing…especially since I saw that they offer so many variations..gah, where am I going to find those fun flavors?!?! No worries, I can find the dill pickles a mere 2 miles away.
Whipped Banana OatmealEvery morning I have usually make whipped banana oatmeal. On this particular day I added some blueberries…tada blue banana oatmeal. So trippy. But now I am completely over oatmeal. I need a new breakfast that is filling and healthy.
Pear Blueberry Single Lady PancakeHow about a pear blueberry single lady pancake? So good but I am trying to only indulge every so often.
Maple Sugar on English MuffinWhole wheat Bray’s english muffin topped with maple sugar? Be still my heart. Sliced apple with cinnamon and a few banana slices for good measure.
Peanut Butter, Pickle and Maple Syrup SandwichPeanut butter, bread and butter pickle, maple syrup sandwich. It had to happen and Joy the Baker tells you how. 
Simple DinnerSweet potato slices topped with plain yogurt spiced with turmeric, splash of lemon juice and pepper served alongside a quick chicken sausage and swiss chard stir fry. Easy dinner!
I will leave you with a scene from my drive home from work one evening. See that brilliant pink sun setting on top of the mountain? Those clouds?! Please, give me more of these days to breathe in the clean air, see the beauty all around, to be mindful…and to fully embrace this growing and changing body (completely with a little squirmy movement here and there!). Welcome to the Here and There series, friends! Thanks for reading!!

If you have tips or comments on growing a baby feel free to share below! I would love to meet you, hear your thoughts, advice and to learn more!

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4 thoughts on “Happenings

  1. Erica: paragraph three repeats itself when you are 82. Love your blogs! Cynthia Hall (Cindy’s mother)

  2. Thank you for stopping by, Cynthia! I now have even more to look forward to! So happy you are loving these posts. Be well!

  3. Erica? Is that right? When my mom was “in the family way” with me, she was so afraid of getting fat again (we are not small people) she pretty much starved herself while she was pregnant (a gain of 12 pounds) and looked like death warmed over after I was born….Don’t get crazy one way or the other. Oh, also remember what you are doing will make your life so wonderful….

  4. Good morning, Mike! For me, it is all about striking the right balance of healthy and indulgent every now and again. I think I was leaning on the indulgent side in the beginning but I have a better balance now. This is such an amazing time! ~Erica

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