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Sundays with Joy: Kitchen Sink Carrot Cake

This week for our Sundays with Joy baking group we made kitchen sink carrot cake. I pushed aside my cake pans and reached for a cupcake pan and mini bread pans for this recipe.
Carrot Cake CupcakesWhat did I top these delicate cakes with? A yogurt cinnamon frosting and roasted honey orange pineapple!This recipe was super easy, accessible and required no fancy mixers or food processors.
A grater is necessary as is arm power for mixing, folding, stirring and a knife for chopping.
Carrot Cake IngredientsI opted to leave the walnuts out…though I am not sure why! Next time, they will be added in. I decreased the sugar amounts by half and swapped canola oil for the vegetable oil as called for.
Mixing These cakes baked up in no time at all since I made smaller versions with the batter.
Carrot CupcakesAlso, who can resist not stashing a few of these away in the freezer?! The frosting and topping were two additions I dreamed up. Why the yogurt frosting? I wanted a tangy frosting instead of a sweet cream cheese frosting. And the roasted pineapple? Well, that was just an experiment and ended up adding a touch of sweet on top.
Carrot Cake Cupcakes with Roasted Pineapple Yogurt FrostingThe carrot cake was very tender and the flavors of coconut, pineapple, carrot and an occasional raisin now and then made up a beautiful cake. A cup of plain greek yogurt (0% fat) was strained overnight and became a thick base to which I added a tablespoon of powdered sugar and dash of cinnamon. I cut pineapple wedges, tossing them with a bit of dark brown sugar, orange juice and a smidge of honey. After a quick marinade into the oven at 450* these went for 15 minutes per side. I reduced the leftover marinade and used it as a drizzle at the end.

With, or without, a frosting these cakes hold their own. A perfect treat that is not too sweet or when topped with a dollop of frosting and a few pieces of pineapple becomes decadent. If you would like the recipe for kitchen sink carrot cake you can find it in Joy Wilson’s cookbook here. Thank for reading!

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