Here and There, Life

Here and There: Fast Forward

We had a surprise this week…Bun in the Oventhat ‘bun in the oven’? (perhaps a spiced orange raisin roll?)When I woke up on Wednesday morning this little one was the size of a…
Pepper, 18 weeks
bell pepper!

By Wednesday evening, the little one was the size of a…
Spaghetti squash, 22 weeksspaghetti squash???
What about these?!
Fruit WeeksIt appears that this little one will be born a Leo vs. a Virgo. What?! Oh, you know…I just sailed past the halfway mark and a few weeks. This little baby is coming 3.5 weeks earlier than we thought!

There is nothing to do now but eat a few slices of these
Orange Snackand make some lists. Stat.

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