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Sundays with Joy: Chocolate Cookies & Cream Pudding

Growing up I remember being a master when it came to making pudding. It went something like this: open a box of instant sugar free pudding which was usually chocolate (but sometimes the weird green pistachio), add in milk, whisk for a minute or two then set in the fridge until ready. Back then I prefered cool whip over real whipped cream. Somewhere along the way I grew up. I ditched the packaged and processed goods for the real stuff – cocoa, milk, cornstarch and cream. The little kid in me was ecstatic to make this pudding from Joy Wilson’s cookbook…there were chocolate sandwich cookies involved!
Newman's CookiesI heard great things about this pudding from our Sundays with Joy group. I set out to work…and started by halving the recipe.
chocolate pudding ingredients You see some sugar, cocoa powder, cornstarch and espresso powder here. That espresso powder? GAME CHANGER! It launches you into a sophisticated adult in 10 seconds flat. Milk and cream are added and whisked in and the mixture simmers for two minutes. I think this is almost easier than the instant boxed stuff!
The pudding mixture sets up in the fridge for two hours (or more). More cream is whipped and chocolate sandwich cookies are sampled crumbled. My thoughts on the cookie brand? I went with Newman’s organic just because. I actually wished I had gone with the traditional Oreo for the deeper, darker chocolate that cookie seems to have.
Chocolate Cookies & Cream PuddingRegardless of the cookie choice…the end result is absolutely a stunner of a pudding recipe. The chocolate pudding is rich with just the right touch of espresso flavor. The whipped cream is like a fluffy cloud of lightly sweetened cream with the occasional crumbled cookie hiding here or there. This pudding is so simple to put together yet sophisticated enough to serve at a dinner party. Pudding shooters? It could happen! Go grab a copy of Joy’s cookbook and make this pudding soon! Thanks for reading!

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