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Sundays with Joy: Dark Chocolate & Anise Biscotti


Dark Chocolate & Anise BiscottiThis week our Sundays with Joy group baked up batches of Joy Wilson’s Dark Chocolate & Anise Biscotti. Get the coffee started…you need this recipe in your life!These biscotti came together quickly…so quickly, in fact, that this is the only prep photo I took!
Happy EggsThe usual suspects are there – butter, flour, and eggs but the anise seeds are what makes this recipe shine bright like a diamond. That is, if you like flavor of anise/ liquorice…otherwise, oh, nevermind. The seeds get crushed slightly before adding them into the batter which is also good, free therapy. You are welcome.
Biscotti DoughTwo logs of dough = more biscotti for all. Win!
Chocolate & Anise BiscottiThe logs are baked up and slightly cooled…
Biscotti second bake

 Sliced up and baked again until the biscotti are slightly soft. It is the right thing to do when dark chocolate chips are involved.
Dark Chocolate & Anise BiscottiTo find this recipe, and other equally fantastic recipes, head on over to buy Joy Wilson’s cookbook. If you hurry, there is still time to bake your way through this book before her second cookbook is released this October!

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