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Here & There: Organization

I have found myself starting to organize!!  Grab a mocha chocolate ricotta muffin and a cup of joe….
Lowfat Mocha Chocolate Ricotta Muffin

The UPS and FedEx people were dropping off packages all week..mostly related to the baby. That meant furniture assembly (!)…the crib and dresser are put together and in place! Whoa. It also means making room for a huge stroller in the closet where all the winter jackets were stored..and that means. It means I was hot and bothered over finding places and spaces for some things today.

My approach to cooking this week has been varied. I have not had huge amounts of energy for anything all that interesting…baked barbecue chicken, roasted sweet potato and roasted broccoli happened one night. Sweet Z made a few meals this week as well. I love those nights the best! I threw together chocolate ricotta muffins early one morning. I made up a batch of chocolate chip cookies with a friend another afternoon. Nothing fancy but keeping everything in check.

This morning I took to the kitchen excited to make a savory tart. I sauteed vegetables with fresh basil and thyme. I made a tart dough and was already a bit wary of the results as I put the dough in the fridge to rest. My suspicions were confirmed an hour later as I was rolling out this ‘crust’ that if I continued, there would be trouble…and tough results. Into the trash that dough went and I started over. I pulled out my tried and true pastry recipe.
Sunday Vegetable TartI had a lovely mother’s day with my mother, grandmother and beagle brother…
25/26 weeks

 Embrace the bump….it is much easier this way!

I brought home some special treats for Sweet Z. Strafford Organic Creamery Vanilla ice cream is his all time favorite!
Strafford Creamery, VT

 I roll into my 27th week tomorrow and, overall, I am feeling pretty good. The baby has been a lot more active which is still an amazing and incredible experience. Some nights I sleep fairly well. Other nights, I wake up and cannot fall back asleep, the baby is kicking away and I am starving! Does this mean that the baby is hungry? Thankfully I did fall back to sleep on that night! The image of being the pregnant lady in the kitchen at 3am, eating a bowl of cereal is just too much for me to handle! Some days are easier than others while I am learning what is (and is not) working for me.  There were days this week when I had tons of energy…and then there were the days when I pushed it a little too far and ended the day with my lower back in pain. Whoops. Learning!

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