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Here & There: New Spaces

There has been quite a bit of action around the house lately. Months ago we had an idea to extend our living space…it involved things like building a patio and planting a some gardens. Although we had sketches and ideas in place it did not seem real. Fast forward to the last 2 weeks as a 9 month pregnant woman, her husband, their cat, and a squirmy baby that is insisting on moving around an ever confining space, embark on a house project! Read on!

We moved into our house on the little hill just over a year ago. The yard was an empty space just waiting for something to come along. There were some shrubs against the house that we had removed.
Syndicate NakedImagine our delight as a window here…
was replaced with a door.
The former grassy area beyond the new door now leads to a bluestone patio which was handcrafted by an extremely talented stone mason. He worked tirelessly, making it look all so effortless while fitting pieces of stone together, all in a matter of 10 days. I sent him home with lots of chocolate cake!
photo 3We watched in fascination and marveled at the craftsmanship at the end of each day.

Meanwhile, the cat took lots of naps in any piece of baby gear he felt like. Currently, he likes the kangaroo setting on this ‘kittyroo.’
photo 5We could be in trouble if he doesn’t learn the art of sharing soon!
IMG_7729Some trees arrived and then there was a flurry of activity. Patio stones were being cut, swales were fixed, garden beds were prepped, holes were dug for trees to be planted, there were a variety of people everywhere moving in a unrehearsed dance with one another. It was a long day. I could do very little but I did keep the ice water flowing and watch in fascination as  spaces were transformed.

I was slightly skeptical that morning…
IMG_7727Later in the afternoon…
IMG_7753And by that evening…
Finished PatioThis new space gives me pause.
photo 4-2I have been pausing often, not just out of necessity, while taking time to be still and reflect upon those that came and left before me, all that is around me, above me and within me. I cannot help but to give thanks and gratitude. Never did I imagine years ago that I would be here today.

In sixteen days we will welcome this little dancer into the world. I am still reeling at how quickly this pregnancy has gone and how I have been so very lucky throughout it all. I am raising a glass of raspberry lime seltzer that the next few weeks will be just as kind and gentle! Thanks for reading!

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