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Sundays with Joy: Easy White Chocolate Mousse

Easy White Chocolate MousseToday I want to share with you an easy white chocolate mousse recipe. Confession, I had to make this recipe twice. But, you may be asking, isn’t this recipe EASY? Well, yes. Do not make the same mistakes as I did. Read on! 
High Quality IngredientsIt starts with quality ingredients. Sure, you can try using those white chocolate chips you have hanging around your cupboard or reach for that heavy cream that seems ok. Go ahead…but expect another trip to the grocery store. Lesson learned.
Whipped CreamYou need to whip up clouds of very lightly sweetened cream.
Melted White ChocolateRemember those white chocolate chunks? They are gently melted down with some butter and water. An egg yolk is whisked in. In true confession I halved this recipe and did not follow this step to a ‘T’. I let the white chocolate mixture cool and then tempered the egg yolk with the warmed chocolate mixture. I like to push the envelope, I realize this.
FoldingFor this step you combined the cooled chocolate mixture with the folded whipped cream. The idea is to not over mix at this point and completely deflate the whipped cream. I did fold this in a bit more after I snapped this picture. Into the fridge it goes to chill out for a few hours.
Easy White Chocolate MousseThe result? It pays to try a recipe again when the first time around fails. I found this mousse to be creamy with a great texture and subtle white chocolate flavor. I think adding in a handful of fresh berries takes this dessert over the top when serving it in the height of summer!!!

You can find this recipe in Joy Wilson’s first cookbook “Joy the Baker Cookbook: 101 Simple and Comforting Recipes.”  Click the link to learn more about our Sundays with Joy group . Thanks for reading!

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