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Sundays with Joy: Trail Mix Cookies

I pulled together the necessary measuring cups, baking sheets and various ingredients from my recently organized cupboards though something felt a little strange. Something was off. I continued prepping this recipe, checking the original recipe no fewer than 10 times in 5 minutes, and began dumping in flour, oats and various things into one bowl while butter and sugar went into the bowl of the mixer. Not only was I moving slower, my brain was as well. My shuffling feet were of very little help. I could only laugh to myself while starting in on this cookie recipe, in the cool evening air versus in the morning hours, would somehow be easier. And it was easier in terms of temperature yet not easier in terms of my own agility… if there is such a thing in this ninth month of pregnancy. Silly me!
Trail Mix Cookie IngredientsI carried onward for the promise of warm cookies in a matter of minutes was too tempting! The dough came together quickly and easily.

These cookies are loaded with oats, peanuts, raisins, M&M’s, and peanut butter chips. Oh heck yes! To turn back now on this night baking project would have been a mistake.
Trail Mix Cookies I changed very little in this recipe which can be found in Joy the Baker’s first cookbook “Joy the Baker: 101 Simple and Comforting Dishes.”. I cut the sugars in half due to the mix-ins having a fair amount of sugar. However, if I had added all of the sugar I think the end result of the cookie would be a flatter and chewy cookie vs. the almost cake-like domed cookie I ended up with. I do want to make the real version at some point to compare the true difference.

As it turned out, I was able to fill up the cookie jar (Sweet Z approves!) and stash half in the freezer. These cookies are great because you have no idea if the cookie you choose has a bit of peanut crunch, chewy golden raisin or a fun m&m hiding somewhere. There is no shame in testing a few cookies just to make sure you have tasted all of the hidden surprises! Ditch the trail mix next time you are needing a portable snack and make a batch of these cookies, ok? Thanks for reading, friends!
(PS – next time I make these I will photograph the recipe in the daytime vs. using my under cabinet lights!)

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