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Here & There: Break Time!

Not Quite Gourmet is on a break. We welcomed our little son into this world on August 12 at 7:59 in the morning. It was a beautiful, calm, peaceful cesarean birth. To let the word ‘son’ roll off my tongue is incredible. This little one who grew inside me, danced, squirmed and flipped – he is finally here! I am overwhelmed in the most positive of ways (although that has not always been the case over the past 12 days!), filled with a wide range of emotions and simply cannot believe how very lucky we are. All are healthy, well and learning to love short bursts of sleep, being excited over the various stages of poo diaper changes and completing tasks with one hand and arm. I am slowly learning how to navigate down a few new roads – starting with Parenthood, a left onto Motherhood and a long detour down Adventure that goes on forever and ever.
photo (39)Fear not, as soon as I recover from NQGBebe’s birth I have some ideas for the kitchen! When I have a spare ounce of energy (and I am determined that one day I will have at least one ounce of something other than milk), I will head back into my favorite room in the house. This time I will have a sidekick in a pram by my side. Until that time, I will be snuggling this little boy and enjoying every moment.
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