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Sundays with Joy: Cocoa Pecan Granola

IMG_8213This is really happening, friends! I am typing my first food post since the arrival of NQG Bebe. I am typing fast as I am want to do with all things lately. Eating, sleeping, house things, cooking…you never know when the baby will rouse to eat again! In an effort to calm and slow things down I stepped into the kitchen yesterday as the baby slept (a miracle!). I knew I could tackle an elaborate recipe but needed something – anything – to feel human again.
<Insert Sundays with Joy recipe from a long time ago – Cocoa Almond Granola>

The two changes I made to this recipe – I subbed in pecans for the almonds and made a half batch. Why the half batch? I am still scratching my foggy Mom brain over that one.
IMG_8194It is an easy recipe – oats, nuts, coconut, cinnamon, cocoa powder and salt get mixed together in one bowl.
IMG_8198Sugar, vegetable oil, honey, butter and vanilla extract are melted in a small pan.
IMG_8200Mix it up – stir, stir, stir. And bake!
IMG_8206The granola needs a few stirs during the baking time, every 10 minutes or so. And what are we left with? A deliciously different cocoa granola. I  was worried for a moment that I had overbaked the granola…thankfully, this was not the case. It is a granola which makes you feel decadent in the wee small hours of the morning –  and also turns your milk into chocolate milk. Bonus! A fancy granola that can also be an late afternoon snack or a little dessert after dinner. Oh, the possibilities! This recipe is in Joy Wilson’s first cookbook: 101 Simple and Comforting Recipes. To see what Sundays with Joy is all about click here.

Thanks for reading friends!

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